5 Easy Ways – Harissa Olive Oil


Harissa Olive Oil doesn’t get a lot of love and attention.  Customers walk by, not knowing the delicate heat this delicious oil can provide to any dish. Harissa is a little exotic, and not familiar to a lot of people. In the Middle East and North Africa, however, Harissa is a staple in every kitchen.  In its truest form, Harissa is a hot pepper chili paste, made from chili peppers, paprika and olive oil.  Recipes vary, but can include garlic, cumin, tomatoes, and coriander. You can usually find it at gourmet food stores in a can or tube. When you do use it, be careful, a little goes a long way.

Our Harissa Olive Oil is made using the same flavor profile as the paste and can be used in several creative ways. Here are our top 5:

1: Use Harissa Olive Oil to fry your eggs in the morning… whether scrambled or over easy, this aromatic oil will add some spice to your breakfast plate!

2: Coat rice (white or brown rice, or couscous or quinoa) in Harissa Olive Oil before steaming. A super easy way to add flavor to your rice dish, just add the oil to your sauce pan, coat the dry rice in it, then add water and steam until done.

3: Up your chicken game. Create a Mid-East feast simply by brushing your chicken with the Harissa Olive Oil (and maybe a sprinkle of Ras El Hanout) before grilling to create an exotic feast.  See some of our recipes for chicken and steak using Harissa Olive Oil.

4: Make your own Hummus.  One of the easiest side dishes to make yourself, hummus is a classic mid-east dip that is great for snacking with pita chips, carrots or celery or spreading on sandwiches, or wherever else your creativity takes you. You can make it easily with canned chickpeas, or see our recipe for Black Bean Hummus. Using Harissa Olive Oil instead of regular EVOO will give your hummus a delicious heat!

5: Spicy Grilled Shrimp.  Need I say more?  Our super easy recipe for grilled shrimp will spoil you for any other kind. Just mix some Harissa Olive Oil with lime juice, a dash of sugar and let sit for 20 minutes. Your shrimp will be perfectly spicy and can be added to pasta, tacos or salad.


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