5 Easy Ways to Use Olive Oil in Dessert

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We all know Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a healthy fat… so what happens when you use it in baking?

Ask that question at a dinner party and someone will probably tell you that olive oil isn’t suitable for baking. So we put together a couple of recipes that will prove the doubters wrong!

  1. Peach Upside Down Cake – one of my recent favorites, especially in the late summer when Utah peaches are at their best. This recipe uses our Butter Olive Oil and Peach Balsamic and is so good and easy to make, and everyone who tastes it will want the recipe!
  2. Lemon Olive Oil Pound Cake – OMG, this is one of my all time favorites. You get delicious lemon flavor from both the Meyer Lemon Olive Oil and lemon zest.The recipe makes 2 full size loaf pans of cake so either cut the recipe in half or plan on having a lot of people help you eat it. Try topping it with some balsamic vinegar infused whipped cream (I am thinking of you, White Raspberry Balsamic, for this one!)
  3. In Brownies! Yum yum… just take your favorite boxed brownie mix and substitute our Blood Orange Olive Oil in for the vegetable oil… you will never go back. Or follow this recipe for Tangerine Balsamic and Blood Orange brownies from scratch.
  4. Zucchini Olive Oil Muffins – Trying to figure out what to do with all the zucchini coming out of your garden? Try making these muffins for the win! Add chocolate chips to make them even more delicious. The recipe calls for Meyer Lemon Olive Oil, but you could use the Blood Orange or the Butter instead, or a plain EVOO works well too.
  5. Robust Intensity EVOO drizzled over ice cream and sprinkled with some kosher salt. Super simple yet amazingly delicious and decadent at the same time. Just use a high quality vanilla or chocolate ice cream (plain, without other additions) and drizzle your Hojiblanca or peppery Coratina EVOO’s over the top. You will be stunned at how good this is and you will toss that bottle of chocolate syrup out the door for good!

POST SCRIPT: any of these desserts would taste great with a balsamic infused whipped cream. Find the recipe here and use your favorite flavors!


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