1. Anna Thompson says:

    I had the pleasure of sampling your products a while back and I used the blood orange olive oil to sear scallops… let’s just say that there is no comparison when I make them any other way. I just placed my order today and can’t wait to use your delicious oils in some recipes.

  2. Linda Browne says:

    Hi. My husband and I visited your store on a ski trip to Park City in 2019, I really love all of the products I purchased and continue to buy them online. The grapefruit white balsamic vinegar is my favorite. I can’t wait to try the tangerine balsamic vinegar I just ordered. It is fun to visit the website to find recipes. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. jessica says:

    Hi Melissa,
    We still have the Rosemary Garlic rub, I just hadn’t put it online. Oops! I just added it and will email you the link. So glad you like it! It is definitely one of my favorites too.

  4. Melissa Caldwell says:

    About three years ago I bought the Rosemary & Garlic Rub. I tried searching it on the website and the Napa Valley Rub was the first on the list. Is this the same rub with a new name or is the Rosemary & Garlic Rub no longer available? Please help, it is my families favorite.

  5. jessica says:

    Hi Barbara
    Wow great idea for a beginners guide. What flavors do you have in your cupboard? I am always happy to offer ideas or pointers over the phone or in the store.
    Thanks for the heads up on Chinese 5 spice… adding it to the website today!

  6. Barbara A.Carroll says:

    I just discovered your product line and can’t wait to get these fine products and give them a try.I am sure they are delicious.
    I can’t find the MTOO Chinese 5 Spice shown for your recipes.I also need help with using the different oils and vinegars available.What to use with what type of food items.Since I am not experienced with these products I would like more information available in using your products in a what to use with and how to use it etc..I am sure many novice chefs could use your experience in getting us started.Please consider adding a beginners guide to using these fine products.

  7. jessica says:

    Hi Debbie,
    I haven’t included it on my website yet. If you would like to order, perhaps calling the shop at 435.649.1400 is the best way to go and we can package it up and send to you!

  8. Debbie Nelson says:

    We were in your Park City store today, July4; sampled a Chocolate Brandy topping but, could not find it on your site. Is it only available in the store?

  9. jessica says:

    I love our sesame oil! I am so glad you do too. It is such a lovely robust flavor. Try it paired with the Pineapple balsamic for a dressing… delish!

  10. Kristy Knecht says:

    I dropped by to refill my favorite olive oils and balsamic vinegar and tried a new product – the Roasted Sesame Oil!
    It’s amazing! I drizzled it over roasted butternut squash and also used it to saute spinach topped with pine nuts.
    It’s so yummy! Your shop is one of my favorites!

  11. jessica says:

    Hi Carol

    We don’t recommend refrigeration for either the oils or vinegars. Just keep them in your pantry. Shelf life on the oils is about a year after you bought it, and 3-6 months after opened… definitely you want to use those quickly. The vinegars are already aged, they won’t go bad, will just lose of the intensity of flavor over time. I would use them in 2 years.

  12. Carol Freasier says:

    Do you refrigerate the vinegars (i got the coconut) after opening. We bought two different diping oils and the one says to refrigerate but there is noting on your label. Once open, what is the shelf life of the oil?.

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