Use Olive Oil and Say Goodbye to Hair Trouble

olive oil

In the ancient world, olive oil was known as “liquid gold.” Hippocrates gave it the name, “the great healer.” Even Galen of Pergamon celebrated the oil’s many health benefits. Do you know why? People in past ages did not just use olive oil for cooking or consumption. They also used it as a perfume, soap and anointment for the dead. It was used to produce medicines and cosmetics. Olive oil, for thousands of years, has been a widely revered and treasured for its beneficial properties. Today, while some cultures still use it for skin and overall health, many people are not aware that is as good for your hair as well.

Here are just a few remarkable benefits that olive oil provides for your hair:

  1. It helps reduce split ends.

How often do you end up reluctantly cutting your hair to get rid of split ends? You don’t have to anymore. Use olive oil to add moisture to your hair and to also give it some weight. The oil doesn’t just act as a serum after you wash your hair but also prevents the frustrating split ends.

  1. It helps control frizziness.

If your hair has a rough texture or gets brittle, regularly massaging it with olive oil can help soften it a great amount. You can also rub the oil along the length of your hair to control the frizz. This will make your hair easier to style.

  1. It can help regain hair strength.

Keratin is an important protein that helps your hair grow. Chemical treatments or heat application can cause the natural keratin structure to break down. Olive oil is rich in multivitamins, which help lock in the keratin in your hair. This promotes healthier looking hair that is also nourished from the inside.

  1. It promotes a healthy scalp.

Instead of your regular hair oil, mix in some olive oil with a few drops of lemon and apply the mixture on your scalp. It is an effective remedy for dandruff. Moreover, if you suffer from itchiness or irritation on your scalp, olive is just what you need.

The goodness of olive oil is not just limited to your cooking and skincare. Include it in your hair care routine, and it will instantly become your hair’s new best friend. To buy the highest quality olive oil, simply go to our website. You can also buy flavor-infused olive oils, different types of balsamic vinegars, and an assortment of other products like jellies and condiments.

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