Buy Flavored Balsamic Vinegars and Experiment with Your Salads and Marinades

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In a blind taste, balsamic vinegar actually makes it taste better. –Dan Ariely

Balsamic vinegar is quite similar to wine. It, too, gets better with age. Years of aging isn’t the only similarity though. The two have a lot in common: their origin, the quality of grapes used in making them and other factors that determine their quality.

Balsamic vinegar has been made in Northern Italy for more than a thousand years and is a very important part of Italian folklore. Its popularity grew in the Middle Ages as it was understood to be the cure for most illnesses or conditions, including labor pains and wounds. It has been an inspiration for poets and was even used as a coronation present in Europe. There is another very interesting thing about balsamic vinegar: Families involved in its production often keep their recipe a secret, which is the main reason for such diversity in flavors.

Balsamic vinegar isn’t like other types of vinegar. It combines rich complexity with syrupy consistency and features just the right balance of tart and sweet. It can lift salads, marinades and dipping. You will find different types of balsamic vinegars at the market that differ in cost, as well.

Choosing the best balsamic vinegar from such a wide selection can be a tricky task. If you don’t know what you are looking for, the buying process can become extremely challenging. It is not just about selecting a bottle of vinegar; it is equally important to consider the varieties that will pair up well with the foods you usually prepare.

Traditional balsamic vinegar is considered the best out of all other varieties. Whichever perspective you look at it from—color, texture, age, aroma, consistency, flavor or richness—it occupies the top spot.

There are balsamic vinegar varieties that are combined with different fruit flavors, too. You can buy flavored balsamic vinegars to add a different element to your cooking repertoire. These fruit flavored vinegars are available for sale online. You can choose from black cherry balsamic vinegar, blackberry ginger balsamic vinegar, cinnamon pear balsamic vinegar and many more. There is one for every kitchen. Buying flavored balsamic vinegars will help you add interesting flavors to your

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