Fake Food, Real Food


So a new book is coming out called “Real Food Fake Food” by author Larry Olmstead.  In the book, he talks about how much of the food we consume in this country is fake.  I haven’t read the book yet, but it is going on my reading list.  The NY Post just published an interview with him where he details some of the fake food we love to eat every day.


In the section on Olive Oil, I was interested to read that he was correct in stating that most people in this country have never tried the real deal, and therefore don’t know what fresh olive oil tastes like.  I hope we are doing our job by giving our customers a taste of the real deal. One thing that I disagreed with him on was the standard label by the California Olive Oil Council.  The standard our oils are held to is much higher, it is the Ultra Premium standard developed by our supplier, Veronica Foods. The Ultra Premium (or UP) standard is the highest in the world today, and basically guarantees that our oils are the freshest around.  You can actually taste the difference!  Sign up for one of our Olive Oil 101 classes to learn more about the standard and to taste a premium olive oil.


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