Flavor Focus – Dark Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar


Every time a customer sees the fusti sign for the Dark Chocolate Balsamic, they have an amazed reaction. It does sound strange, chocolate and vinegar together. But this rich and flavorful vinegar brings out the richness of dark chocolate and the sweet vinegar adds a lovely complement to all the layers of flavor. In the month of February, we will explore several different ways to use this vinegar, and not just on ice cream!

1: Salad Dressing — yes you read that correctly. Salad Dressing! When paired with the Blood Orange Olive Oil, the Dark Chocolate balsamic makes sweet and citrusy dressing that is perfectly lovely on beets, brussels sprouts and mixed greens.

2: Marinade – mix the Dark Chocolate Balsamic with the Chipotle Olive Oil or the Harissa Olive Oil for the world’s best steak marinade. Equal parts of each for a great flavor combination.

3: Combine with the Mushroom Sage Olive Oil to saute brussels sprouts… when the sprouts are ready to be taken off the heat, drizzle some Chocolate balsamic over the top, let them caramelize for a few minutes before you devour.

4: Add 2 tablespoons to homemade whipped cream for a delectable dessert topping.

5: Drizzle over fresh berries and serve for dessert. With no added sugars, your taste buds will be happy!

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