Flavor Focus – Mushroom Sage Olive Oil


This month’s Flavor Focus is our Wild Mushroom Sage Olive Oil. Perennially a customer favorite, this oil is rich with the flavors of fall, sage and deep earthy mushrooms. Perfect for a variety of uses, this olive oil is ideal for roasting chicken and turkey, potatoes and vegetables. I love to saute brussel sprouts in the oil, wait until they are nicely brown and then add a drizzle of the chocolate balsamic vinegar when I plate them.  So tasty!

We get asked so many times in the shop how to use a specific flavor. Well, the beauty of this particular flavor is that it works with just about anything. Making a quick chicken noodle soup for the family? Start by sauteing your veggie mix in this olive oil. Have some leftovers you need to use? One of my favorite ways to use them up is to make a casserole. Do a quick saute of some onions and chicken in the Mushroom Sage olive oil, throw in whatever leftover veggies you have (can be anything from broccoli to asparagus to potatoes) and cook for just a few minutes.  Mix them in a casserole dish with some dry rice and cover with chicken stock.  If you want a nice creamy casserole, just make a quick roux (butter and flour heated, add some milk) and add that in the mix as well.  Season as you like.  Add some cheese to the top and cook until the rice is done (usually about 30-40 minutes).  Just like that, you have a quick dinner using your leftovers and dressed up with the Mushroom Sage olive oil!  It is a miracle worker!

One of my new favorites is a slightly more elegant version of the casserole above. I marinated chicken in the Mushroom Sage oil and Lemon Balsamic vinegar then made a thoroughly delightful risotto with asparagus and mushrooms. See the recipe here.

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