Sweet Onion Sugar

Sweet Onion Sugar


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Toasted onions and pure cane sugar are blended together, creating Essential Cane Sweet Onion sugar. With its unpredictable, special taste of caramelized onions, this flavored sugar is the perfect new “secret ingredient.” Use to create a glaze over scallops while grilling, or toss in a salad; Sweet Onion sugar will add a new and unique touch to practically any dish. 2 oz jar.

Suggested Uses:

Sweet: We suggest that you skip the sweets for this one.

Fresh: Try sweet onion sugar on asparagus with olive oil before roasting.

Savory: Dust sweet onion sugar over prawns and grill.

Liquid: Finish your favorite creamy soup with just a pinch.

Twist: Top dinner rolls before baking or add to popcorn for a simple snack


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