Unearthing the Many Benefits of Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil


One of the most controversial components in our diet is fat. People keep on debating seed oils, animal fats and everything in-between. But when it comes to Italian extra virgin olive oils, everyone agrees.

Being a traditional fat, extra virgin olive oil is a part of the Mediterranean diet, which is a staple diet for the healthiest people around the world. Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality olive oil that you can purchase—and being an unrefined oil, it retains the taste of true olives with a lower level of oleic acid.

Receiving the label “extra virgin” specifies that it has met the required high standards of being an oil with no chemical treatments or temperature alterations. Containing a variety of minerals and natural vitamins, extra virgin olive oil has a distinct flavor, golden-green color and a light peppery finish. Not only that, extra virgin olive oil benefits is good for your health:

  • Having no more than 1% oleic acid, extra virgin olive oil is a weapon for weight loss. Consuming a diet rich in this type of olive oil accelerates the process of weight loss faster than many low-fat diets.
  • Extra virgin olive oil is shown to help prevent or delay the onset of diabetes, and it also assists in regulating and balancing insulin levels in the body.
  • Finally, Italian extra virgin olive oil can help prevent osteoporosis, skin-damage and anti-aging. This can be done either through consumption or by applying it the body directly, giving skin a naturally radiant glow, while making it healthy, soft and supple.

Incorporating extra virgin olive oil in your various cooking recipes is ideal for frying, sautéing, baking and even dressing salads. Due to its higher quantity of polyphenols and being a heart-healthy fat, it can add a special taste to your favorite dishes, making them scrumptious.

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