Mountain Town Olive Oil offers a fantastic and simple rewards program, but we have realized we don’t talk about it often enough.  Every time you spend $200 on merchandise at Mountain Town Olive Oil (whether it’s oils, vinegars, spices, ceramics, dips, pastas, or anything else we offer), you will receive a $16.95 credit towards your next purchase.

Each time you shop with us, either in our stores or online, we capture that information in our system.  There are no punch cards to carry around (or lose) and no having to guess how much you have spent.

Complete the form below to ensure you are registered for our Customer Rewards Program, and start earning rewards today!

Terms & Conditions:

To be enrolled in the rewards program and earn points towards a free bottle, we must have your email address in our system. Once you accrue 200 points, you will receive a $16.95 credit towards the purchase of your next full price bottle. Points will expire after 2 years with no purchases. Accounts without a valid a email address will be deleted.


  1. Mountain Town Olive Oil says:

    Thank you so much for reaching out. We appreciate the feedback and know that shipping a single bottle can be expensive. Unfortunately the cost of shipping has gone up substantially in the last year and we want to make sure our bottles are well packed to prevent breakage.

    One thing to consider is that our cost to ship only increases by a dollar for each additional bottle you add to your order. This is because the shippers charge is a minimum fee for each package and the additional weight becomes incremental to the cost. We have clients who stock up and order a few bottles at a time to save on shipping, or who order extra bottles as gifts.

    Also, we do offer free shipping 2x a year… usually around President’s weekend in February and again in the summer. We hope that you will consider shopping with us in the future.

  2. sunny says:

    the cost of shipping is almost the same price as a bottle of balsamic, which makes online ordering cost prohibitive. I’m sad because I just finished a bottle and am ready for more.

  3. Juanita McSwain says:

    Hope all are safe and well. Wanted to say THANKS to everyone for the awesome job you all do! We have LOVED every single thing we have ever ordered. I’ve said it prior but will say it again …….. ya’ll have the BEST OLIVE OIL’s and we’ve tried many others. Just gave our precious bottle of Tuscan Olive Oil to my hubby’s boss to try. He’s going to become a new customer soon, I’m sure. He he he
    We’ve tried several different items on our last order that we’ve never tried prior orders. OMG, the strawberry balsomic vinegar is WONDERFUL!!!!! Wow the hot pepper bacon jam is FABULOUS!!!! We order other items, but I will again just say …… WE LOVE EVERYTHING we’ve ordered and tried.
    PLEASE stay the WONDERFUL, HELPFUL, CHEERFUL people you all are.
    Juanita McSwain

  4. Maureen Colburn says:

    I received my most recent shipment. The mushroom sage olive oil d bottle was not sealed correctly and about 1/4 of the bottle leaked out. This is the only time it has happened, but I thought you should know.

  5. Collette Mortensen says:

    I just placed an order today and I don’t believe I received a credit from the customer rewards program. I signed up last year around this same time when I placed an order for Christmas 2020. Can you check to see if I qualify? Thank you, a very appreciative customer who loves your products

  6. jessica says:

    Great idea!

  7. jessica says:

    Yes we are — on clean bottles. Just run them through the dishwasher and toss the old cork. Hope to see you soon!

  8. jessica says:

    Yes! One of my favorite ways to use these!

  9. Charles Randall Paul says:

    Love your balsamics. Mix them in fizzy drinks on ice with a splash of liquid stevia. Deep and delicious results.

  10. Deb says:

    Are still refilling bottles during the pandemic? I have several that need to be replaced!

  11. Karen says:

    Please ask your webmaster to add the ability to create a “wish list” of favorites. 🙂
    This will help me quickly reorder for myself and friends. Thanks!

  12. jessica says:

    Hi Terry,
    Just sent you an email. Shipping is geared towards the heavier bottles of oil and vinegar. Give us a call at the shop and we will get it taken care of!

  13. Terry Derohan says:

    I have been buying from you for years. M
    My new order is almost the same as the shippin. 2 packages of soup and 1_had of jelly and shipping is $18.00 ?!!

  14. jessica says:

    Waiting on the southern hemisphere oils to come in! Any day now!
    Hope all is well!

  15. ktconley says:

    Hey Jessica!
    How is the Provence oil?
    What is the best typical EVOO?
    You don’t have any mild or medium EVOO?
    Miss you!
    Kevin & Steff

  16. jessica says:

    Hi Sher-Lynn,
    Our rewards program is currently kept on the point of sale program in the store. Rewards are kept there, and not in your online account. I am hopeful that will change soon as I am switching up my POS and the rewards so that you can access and redeem more easily. You do currently have one reward, that I am happy to redeem on this current order (credit you back $15.95) or add another bottle at the $15.95 value, whichever you prefer. I will also send this to you in email.
    Thank you for reaching out!

  17. Sher-Lynn Goh says:

    Hi Jessica, I have had this issue logging into the site for quite a while now but I am not able to log into my account and it tells me that I don’t exist. If I order, will my order still make it onto my order record? I think I have one bottle free but I am not sure. How would i be able to find out? Thanks so much!

  18. jessica says:

    will do!

  19. Karen A Bedeau says:

    Please make sure my order (just completed but the webpage wouldn’t let me sign in) 7174 gets credited to my account re your customer rewards program.
    Thank you,
    Karen A Bedeau

  20. jessica says:

    Hi Lin,
    We can definitely ship to LA! We aren’t distributors though so don’t supply stores there.

  21. jessica says:

    Hi Lyndsay,
    We track the rewards in the point of sale system in the store. Its a little bit of a manual process at this point, but your orders are being added to your rewards account! I hope to get a reward email out soon.
    Thank you!

  22. Lyndsay says:

    I’ve signed up for the rewards program a few times, but haven’t received anything about it. I just placed my second order with you guys. Not sure how/if rewards are compiled from these orders? Thanks!

  23. Lin says:

    Do you distribute in the Los Angeles area?

  24. jessica says:

    Hi Jaime,
    My sincere apologies for the problems. We had a difficult time sorting everything out with Intuit but hopefully now it is all fixed. Fingers crossed! The last receipt I have for you in my computer is from 2/11/16 where one reward was redeemed. According to my computer, there is one more reward waiting to be redeemed. I am happy to go over your receipts to make sure we captured all the purchases as well because for about 2 months we weren’t able to capture everything due to the data issues with Intuit. Do you know when you plan on being at the Gateway? If possible, I could arrange to meet you there, or if you want to scan your receipts and email them to me, I can make sure we captured all the purchases correctly. Best, Jessica

  25. jessica says:

    Hi Colleen,
    We do offer a discount on refills, depending on the size. Just wash the bottles out with hot soapy water and we can refill with your choice of oils or vinegars!

  26. colleen bruns says:

    do you have a program to return empty mountain view bottles back to store

  27. jessica says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for letting me know. I will forward this comment to my web developer to have them take a look. Just go ahead and place an order, I will make sure your order gets credited to your rewards account on the back end.
    Hope this helps!

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