Learn The Difference Between Jelly, Jam, Marmalade, Preserves, and Fruit Spreads


Most of us love the idea of spreading jam on our bread whenever we feel the need to grab a quick bite to eat. What drives us even more towards fruit spreads and jams is the fact that they do not contribute to excess fat and unhealthy cholesterol content in our body. However, the difference between jelly, jam, marmalade, preserves, and fruit spreads creates confusion when we stroll through a supermarket to buy them. Fret not, their differences are stated in the simplest terms below, and it is majorly dependent on the form of fruit they contain.

  1. Jelly
    In jellies, the fruit is in the form of a juice. For example, in a strawberry jelly, the real content is the strawberry juice, which makes it easy to spread and gives it a gelatin feel.
  2. Jam
    The fruit here is in the form of pulp. Smashing up blueberries and blending them with other contents is what makes a blueberry jam.
  3. Preserves
    Similar to jam, preserves also contain fruit in the form of pulp, only in relatively larger chunks. This is why the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably.
  4. Marmalade
    Whenever there is a citrus fruit being used in the form of pulp, it becomes a marmalade. It could be called a citrus preserve, but according to the Oxford English Dictionary, marmalade appeared in the English language in 1480, borrowed from French “marmelade,” which, in turn, came from the Galician-Portuguese word “marmelada.”
  5. Fruit Spreads
    Jams and preserves made without any sugar are called fruit spreads.

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