Cold Weather Soups


There is nothing better than soup on a cold winter’s day. And there are so many different soups and flavors to explore! Here are some tips from Chef Deanna on how to make a good soup:

1. Always pack in flavor by using a rich broth instead of water

2. Use a mirepoix as your aromatic flavor base (onion or leek or shallot) with carrots and celery.

3. Think about adding different textures like tortilla chips, fresh jalapenos, or fresh corn. Since soup can be pretty soft, it can be fun to add a little crunch at the end.

4. Use a finishing oil before serving. It will add an additional layer of flavor

5. Season liberally. Add your seasonings when you first saute the veggies, then again when you add your stock, and finally again before serving.

6. Chop all the vegetables about the same size so they cook evenly.

7. For plant based soups, add smoked salt or smoked paprika to a vegetable soup to add the smoky flavor you would get from bacon if you want a meat free soup. Add nutritional yeast to a soup for the Parmesan cheese flavor.


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