Tips for Healthy Eating in 2020


I wrote down a similar list in 2016, and a few things have changed in my world. I’ve started eating more vegetarian and vegan meals and have noticed a huge change in my energy and focus levels. Little aches and pains don’t bother me. I’ve also noticed that the more sugar I eat, the more I want, and the more those little aches and pains trouble me. So here are my top 5 tips for eating healthy in 2020. This list will basically serve as a reminder to myself too!

1: Eat more dark leafy greens and cruciferous veggies like kale, brussels sprouts and broccoli. This family of veggies is high in essential vitamins like C, E and K and also have a compound called phytonutrients which helps lower inflammation in the body (those aches and pains). Phytonutrients can help lower your risk of developing cancer.

2. HYDRATE! It is so easy to go through the day without drinking water. But on the days when you don’t drink enough, do you have headaches, are cranky and tired? Me too. My daily goal is 72 ounces.

3. Experiment with more vegetarian and vegan meals. Our 14 year old has been a vegan for 2.5 years and he has really influenced the household’s eating patterns. I’ve learned from Chef Deanna some fantastic recipes that we all love like her Walnut and Lentil Loaf with onion gravy and Mexican street tacos with veggie filling. We don’t miss the meat at all.

4. Keep sugar for special occasions and not breakfast, lunch and dinner.

5. Last but not least, use high quality fats, like EVOO (natch), avocados and nut butters instead of butter, and other oils.


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